There are currently two houses on the Memorial property: The Memorial House and the Director's Residence.

  Originally the property only included the brick Memorial House purchased in 1915. In 1921 the Association purchased a wood frame house, believed to have once been a home of John Woolman. The house, at that time, was being used as a stable and barn by it’s owner.

  Located about a mile south of the Memorial,  the house / barn was placed on runners and moved to the memorial property.

  Because of it’s dilapidated condition, the interior of the house/barn (built circa 1740) could not be restored and had to be rebuilt. Today, situated on a foundation just a few feet to the northeast of the Memorial, the house serves as the director’s residence.

The Memorial House (circa 1915)
The Memorial House today
A barn (left), believed to have been one of John Woolman's previous homes, was moved to the Memorial property in 1921. The building to the right is the Memorial house.
The Director's Residence today
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